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2012-01-03 09:10 am
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Fic: Criminal Minds - Camouflage

I wrote a little Criminal Minds character study.

Rated PG (mild)
No spoilers
Pairing: Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid
Word count: 535
Disclaimer: I don't own than, making no money, just for fun etc. etc.

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2011-12-26 11:25 am

Criminal Minds: Spencer's revelation in 7x6

 Would anyone like to discuss Spencer's surprising revelation in 7x06 and Morgan's reaction to it? I'll cut for spoilers. 

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2011-12-19 09:12 pm
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Spencer Reid

Just some rambly, disorganized thoughts on Dr. Reid. 

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2011-12-12 12:58 pm

Criminal Minds

It appears that I haven't posted here since March. Oops. I've been mostly hanging out in comms or on Twitter. Anyway, a few of us on Twitter were looking for a place to talk about Criminal Minds. That's what this post is for! I'm on mobile so I'll pretty it up later but in the meanwhile if you're a CM fan feel free to jump right in. I have a couple of things I want to discuss that I'll bring up in comments. 

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2011-03-13 06:31 pm

Art Journal Page

I'm doing a year long art journal class this year (because God knows I don't have enough to do!) I set up a blog for it but decided to post this page here as I like the message. The prompt was we had to choose a 4 word self help phrase. I am really not a self help kind of person but whatever. My first attempt was super bright and v4ry typically 'art journal-ish' and I hated it. I decided i wanted to convey the peace you have in your life when you don't allow toxic people to be a part of your life.

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2011-02-25 08:56 pm

LBB Art - Pieces of the People We Love

This is the third and final fic I did art for. It's by [livejournal.com profile] ficbyjane and is wonderful and angsty and beautiful. I have no idea why it inspired such a romantic style of art but it did so there you go.

Please read this fantastic fic: Pieces of the People We Love

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2011-02-24 08:49 am

Art Post - LBB - That Dancing Star by Etharei

I was privileged to have the opportunity to do the art for [livejournal.com profile] etharei in the LBB. Her fic as amazing and you must read it!

Fic Master Post

Here is the art. Click through for the main piece which is quite large.

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2010-12-28 07:13 pm


Something totally unrelated to any fandom today.

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2010-12-22 07:15 pm

Thank you!

Thanks for the birthday wishes today :)
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2010-12-16 08:43 pm

Isn't he pretty?

Tommy posed for the NOH8 Campaign:

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2010-12-12 08:51 pm

Wallpaper Calendar

I made this for my Gay Christmas Elves project and am posting it here for you guys as well. I'm posting sample sizes here but I have a full set for you at 1920x1200. You can download them here: Wallpaper Calendar for Amanda

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2010-12-10 10:36 pm

Scrapbook Update - part 1

It's been a while since I last posted an update so -

The International version of the Glam Nation Scrapbook (Flash version) is located here.

The HTML version is located here.

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2010-11-25 10:11 pm

Adam and Tommy in Amsterdam

In case you missed Adam and Tommy in Amsterdam here's a fanvid of it-

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2010-11-21 01:35 pm

Glam Nation Amsterdam!

So last night's show was pretty over the top! Vocally it was amazing as always. Toss in the fact that it was Amsterdam and that just made it insane. A couple of days ago they added Purple Haze into the playlist as one of the encore numbers. Just after it started last night Sasha came out smoking a blunt and gave it to Adam, Taylor brought one out and gave it to Tommy (who looked like he only took a hit or two before giving it back.) There was also an epic kiss. Well, more of a makeout session than a kiss really!

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Oh and I forgot, Adam intentionally uses the famously messed up lyric in Purple Haze (Excuse me while I kiss this guy) and then does so. But that's not the kiss I showed you here, this kiss was in Whole Lotta Love.