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So here's my theory on why Morgan calls Reid 'Pretty Boy.' working just with what we seen screen and assuming no relationship between them, why would he call him that? It's not sarcastic, in Reid's most frightened and vulnerable moment he calls him that. I think he doesn't because Reid has full confidence in his brain. He's always admired and appreciated for that. But he's socially awkward. Beautiful women have hit on him (they aren't blind and stupid after all) but it doesn't seem to have registered with him that he's physically very attractive.

It can't have helped that he was probably out of undergraduate school before he even fully entered puberty. He had to deal with his dysfunctional home. He had to time or opportunity to really explore any kinds of relationships. We don't even know for sure his sexual orientation, Im not convinced he's sure himself. So getting back to the point, I think Morgan does it to,remind Reid that he's more than just a brain.
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yes, this I could get behind .. sounds possible...
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yeah I agree, I think it's his way to remind Reid (and others) that he's more than just the young Dr. Genius.
What I love is how over the years you can see how Morgan's behaviour changed, first it was pretty much making fun (not in mean spirited way at all, but still making fun, like with the whistle) of Reid, but they to me seemed to have grown so much trust between them, IDK if everyon saw all of S7 yet, so not sure what is okay to say and what would spoil, but little hints in the show, made me create my reality in which they spend lots of time together and talk a LOT about things they wouldn'T talk to others about
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Ooh, I want to hear more of your S7 theories! I'm caught up but don't know how the others feel about spoilers.
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Let me get a few caps to go with my S7 theories. It's not really spoilery tbh since it's only my own reality, so I guess we're okay
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i'm into season 6 now, i've watched 'till 6x06.. If u post spoilers give a HUGE warning so i can avoid them (i really hate them XDD).
TY bb!! <3
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I won't until you're caught up then <3
Lemme know once you're done with S6 cause I wanna discuss something and I'm not sure when in S6 it is ;)
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sure! I guess i'll be done with s6 by the end of the week (or soon XD)
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this and much more. you can see that morgan always keeps an eye on reid no matter what he's doing. remember in season 2 right after reid was kidnapped? morgan was around him. and that's the first that popped into my mind.

oohh, in season 1 for ex when morgan gives reid that whistle ...

and yeah, i think reid is not aware of his sexuality and i also think that morgan can be part of both teams
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Yeah, I would not be at all surprised to find that Morgan is Bi.
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uh huh. i mean, he has the look and the talk to drive both women and men crazy for him. not to mention he would make one damn good top *nods and double nods*
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"and yeah, i think reid is not aware of his sexuality and i also think that morgan can be part of both teams"

ITA. I remeber hen the blonde actress was Flirting with Reid and he was all shy about it.
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uh huh :DDDD but hey, he did manage to kiss her ;)
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Yup! But when she tried to get more he started taling about the dead man and run away xD
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lool only reid :D
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Oh I can get behind that theory - that makes complete sense and NGL I love that he calls him that.
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I do too! Especially that time in S6 when he said it so tenderly to Reid after Reid finally told him about the headaches etc.
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Oh I haven't watched that epi :D WANT LOL


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