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Seriously? Seven seasons in and there's no good fic? How can this be? There is so much stuff just in canon to work with! Addictions, abuse, torture, kidnapping, grief, buddies, flirting galore, fascinating characters, pretty boys, awesome girls...WHERE IS THE FIC?

This is a series where the geeky, awkward, self conscious nerd is played by a male model for heaven's sake!
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There is SOME, but ITA way way too little good fic for a 7 season show that is that amazing and has so so much potential.
And most of all, hardly any long fic.
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we deffo need more fic. i know there are many good writers out there we just need to find them. or they need to find us. or we must meet in the middle (i'm zombie so please excuse me if i'm incoherent)
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I'm sure there are good writers in this fandom, but we need more, there are maybe 2 people that I've read several fics of and remember the names and that they wrote more, and there's hardly and multichapter fic.
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yeah. me too. trying to find them ...

ps: you are killing me with those avi <3
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haha I have lots and lots of M/R icons :D
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IDK how much fic is there in this fandom ... I had read just one so far...

but it´s a shame cause there is so much stuff happening in the show ..
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there's fic on LJ here in the BAU-INBOX ( they put together what was posted new in the last days, then AO3 and HERE (
There are some really nice ones, but I just meant that for a fandom that could be big and full of awesome's not (yet)
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also here
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Same here, I've read one fic and it wasn't really bad, but neither it was a good one.

This is a series with so much potential, and it's a shame that there aren't enough quality fics.
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I srsly cannot believe the lack of fic for the show or that pairing - I mean from what little I've seen (currently working my way through Season 1 but I've seen bits and pieces up through maybe season 6?) - this would be considered a main pairing - Morgan/Reid that is - although I do see quite a bit of Hotch/Reid which I could also see. But Morgan/Reid is totally what I would ship LOL. And yes, there is a distinct lack of good fic.

and I need some Morgan/Reid icons LOL
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I do too, and I want a Penelope icon, she is made of win!
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here bbs you can find icons there
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I have a feeling that the fandom was kinda growing about 2 years ago, around Seasons 4 and 5 and then lots of people left fandom when everything went to hell, the cast was pissed with the decisions that were made, the fans were pissed, that stupid spin off was made, so hopefully now, that everything is back to awesome times, there'll be more good fic!
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That would be cool :D I need some icons, can I um...troll through yours??
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Of course, feel free :D
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Thanks bb :D
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spin-off... english guy.. *drools*
ehm, let's get back to them main topic.
Fanfic. Yep, i agree with u all. I've read some nice one here on LJ comm or on AO3 but nothing special :(
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yeah that'S what I miss, there are some really nice fics that make me go awww, but not one yet that was standing out and made me want to reread and go all OMG amazing fic gimme more of that writer
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I am only a causal watcher, but I could be persuaded by good fic.
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It's so funny sometimes, and seemingly random, why some shows spawn these huge passionate fic-writing fanbases and other such as this that even someone like me who has seen virtually none of can see such huge slashy potiential (wow that was a long sentence). I have been in several small fandoms and it's a great experience because they are almost always friendly, close-knit and wank-free. The downside is no fic.

In a huge fandom like X-Files I'm so picky about what I will and won't read. But in a small fandom I'm just so grateful for any fic that I will read anything lol.


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