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Criminal Minds: Spencer's revelation in 7x6

 Would anyone like to discuss Spencer's surprising revelation in 7x06 and Morgan's reaction to it? I'll cut for spoilers. 

The team is talking about near death experience and Morgan is debunking it all, the others all seem to agree,

Morgan "its just the lights in the ER and the doctors hovering over the patient, no one ever actually sees the afterlife."

Everyone kind of nods but then Reid's voice calmly says, "I did." 

The camera shows Hotch, Rossi and finally Morgan, all turning to look at him, shocked, before he continues to explain that he had the exact figures in the light experience often described before he was resuscitated by Tobias. "I wasn't in an emergency room, I was in a shed."

Morgan then says, softly, "Reid, you never told me that."

That makes it sound to me as though they have discussed what happened. They talked about Reid being held and tortured. If they'd not talked about it Morgan wouldn't have sounded so surprised that Reid hadn't told him about the near death experience. We know they talked on the plane back from NY and that Reid told Morgan then about some of his struggle. Maybe it happened then? I don't know, I just find it interesting. 
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In my head Reid talks about everything to Morgan and vice versa at night when they get home and cuddle on their couch and that's why MOrgan was so shocked that Reid hasn't told him that particular thing. It sounds like "Reid, you never told me that. We tell each other everything!" to me.

And oops I just realized this is DW and not LJ, I was like WTF where did all my icons go /o\

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I haven't watched this epi yet, but oh interesting - oh yeah, I'm sure Morgan and Reid have definitely talked - that most certainly implies that they've probably had more than one convo about it. Very interesting...damn I wanna watch some more LOL

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I can't wait for you to see more, so many good eps! Are you watching in order?